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This is a whole story for the post Prime Property Inspectors – The Building Inspector of America is a nationally recognized, full-service home inspection and environmental testing company in business since 1976. Our staff of professionals have inspected over 100,000 homes.

At The Building Inspector of America we offer a unique combination of technical expertise, consumer education and customer service. We provide you with an experience that exceeds the nationally recognized standards established by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). We make a positive contribution to the home buying process as we educate and empower each consumer to make smart decisions.

We represent our clients with integrity, objectivity, and an attention to detail that is reflected in our comprehensive digital home inspection reports. Because we have no affiliation to any contractor, realtor, or supplier, our confidential evaluation of the home is completely unbiased. Our affordable fees and high quality services provide both value and customer satisfaction. With a majority our business coming from referrals, our success is built on a continuum of endorsements from satisfied customers, sometimes spanning generations.

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