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Energy Audits

The Building Inspector of America offers homeowners energy evaluations at a time of rising utility prices and a growing concern and awareness of the environment both within the home, and on the larger global scale.  A significant amount of energy consumed by American's each year is to power our homes.  We want to help make sure your home is more energy–efficient in a way that also leaves them safer, healthier, and more comfortable.  We take a whole-house approach and consider all the systems and components to assess how to improve your home's energy efficient and comfort.

Our goal is to make the world a little bit better… one home at a time.



Preparing for an Energy Audit

Before we conduct an energy audit of your home, prepare a list of known problems such as window condensation or drafty rooms.  Gather a years worth of utility bills.  An evaluation of your home's energy efficiency and usage is the first step toward reducing your energy bills, improving the comfort of your home, and helping you to improve the environment.  The audit will generally take three to four hours and includes an initial interview using a questionnaire.  We will review your utility bills for one full year to audit water and energy consumption.  Next, we perform the audit and then offer reduction strategies to help you reduce energy usage and enjoy a more comfortable home.  For an additional fee, the homeowner can also receive an infrared scan of the house during the audit for a cost benefit analysis.  All information learned during this audit is assembled in a house specific digital report citing recommendations for cost effective improvements.