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Home Inspection

Previously, due to soaring home sales in the Washington D.C metropolitan area, some home buyers chose to omit home inspections for fear of losing the competitive edge in the bidding war for a home of their choice that was within their budget. Currently, during more realistic times, buyers are giving critical weight to the outcome of home inspections as they balance affordability with the cost of repairs. Today’s buyers arrive at the negotiating table well-informed; intent on learning everything they can about the property condition, and are suspicious of information lacking or not forthcoming from the seller.

A home inspection is much more than just paying someone to provide an opinion. It is the sum of all the experience and knowledge that an inspector applies during the process of studying and assessing the condition of your home. Since there is no such thing as a “perfect” house, even the most well-maintained home generally has defects or problem areas which even the most conscientious seller may not be entirely aware.  A professional home inspection can quickly and efficiently identify problems in a wide range of areas to help the buyer make an informed decision. What could be more important than having peace of mind when it comes to what is likely the single largest investment of your life?

A home inspection serves three purposes:

  1. To evaluate the type, quality and approximate age of the various materials, components, and systems within the home and document the needed repairs.
  2. To verify that all items contained within the sales contract and/or addendum are operational and serviceable.
  3. To familiarize the client with the unique features of the home and provide suggestions on home maintenance, home improvements, and energy conservation. We encourage you to be present and participate fully in the inspection by asking questions and learning about your new home.

What can we do for you?

Prime Property Inspectors – The Building Inspector of America provides a thorough and detailed analysis of the home’s current condition.  A comprehensive digital report with photographs is provided within 24 hours of completion of the home inspection. The report documents any defects or deficiencies and needed repairs. Our inspectors are well-informed, polite and helpful; they will answer your questions and assist you in understanding the findings. Should any questions or concerns arise about the report or the home following the inspection, telephone consultation with the inspector is available at no extra charge to the client.

Why You Need a Home Inspection

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