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Electromagnetic Field Survey

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are the invisible lines of force that occur wherever electricity is being conducted.  Electric fields arise from the strength of an electric charge; magnetic fields, from the charge’s motion.  Taken together, these are called electromagnetic fields.

EMFs are generated by power lines, computers, TV and radio waves (through broadcast antennas, satellite transmission towers, or airport radar), electric blankets, heating pads, microwave ovens, cell phones, and house wiring.  Although scientists still disagree, evidence has been growing that EMF exposure is harmful to humans.

Can electric and magnetic fields (EMF) cause health effects with routine exposure?

The effects of EMF on human tissue is still controversial.  Most scientists agree that more research is necessary to determine minimum safe levels.

What can we do for you?

Prime Property Inspectors – The Building Inspector of America uses a digital gauss meter to measure the strength and motion of the electric charges that comprise EMFs.  A customized risk assessment survey for both interior and exterior EMF is conducted for each client and includes information from some of the major scientific studies on EMFs.  We do not attempt to answer the question of whether or not EMF exposure is harmful, nor do we proclaim that a particular environment is safe or unsafe.  Without established safety guidelines, this would be difficult and inappropriate.

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